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Transmission Service & Flush

What is a transmission service?

A transmission service is when we remove the sump of the transmission and replace the oil filter. We can then give you an indication of the condition of your transmission, we then clean the sump, replace the sump gasket and replenish the transmission fluid with the correct specification oil for your vehicle.

What is a transmission flush?

A transmission flush is an oil transfusion for your transmission. In general, we like to do a flush and transmission service at the same time, The reason for this is that we like to clean the sump of the transmission and replace the filter so we can be sure your transmission is free from any contamination.

How often should I get a transmission service / flush done?

In general, we recommend a transmission service every 12 month, if your using the vehicle for towing we recommend getting it done more often. A transmission flush generally only needs doing every second transmission service but once again if the vehicle is used for towing we recommend getting it done more often.

I have read that my transmission is sealed for life?

This is a phrase used by manufactures sometimes. This is to keep the service cost down, unfortunately it does nothing for the longevity of your vehicles transmission. If you plan to keep your vehicle for some time you are much better to spend some money on maintaining your transmission so that it will last longer.

How much does a transmission service / flush cost?

This is various from vehicle to vehicle depending on the oil specification needed. Please give us a call or email us with your vehicle details so we can give you an accurate cost.

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