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Diagnosing Transmissions

Though they may be trying their best to do consumers a good service, transmission professionals who quote prices for major repairs over the telephone are doing just the opposite.

First, even qualified automotive technicians who specialize in other areas of the car seldom have the ability to observe and then relate all the information necessary to come to an accurate conclusion related to modern transmissions. Then, there is the ever constant problem of conveying their observations in a manner that is meaningful to the transmission specialist. For example, will one's definition of the terms slip, squeak, grind, squeal and bump be the same as the transmission professional who is trying to interpret those terms? Categorically-no!

Next, have all the complicated diagnostic procedures been performed which are necessary to provide a correct and cost effective repair recommendation? The odds are poor at the very best.. With today's sophisticated, electronically controlled transmissions, in many cases accurate diagnosis requires "high tech", very expensive diagnostic test equipment before even the professional can render a qualified "opinion".

Further when it has been determined which system(s) in the transmission have failed, then the extent of the internal damage must be determined before a meaningful price can be discussed. Short of performing the essential diagnostic procedures, persons who quote prices are either guessing, with virtually thousands of variables or stating a meaningless price which will have to be adjusted (usually upwards) once the work is in progress.

We could compare this situation to a patient who calls their dentist describing oral pain under a given set of circumstances. Is the pain caused by a gum infection, a cavity, the need for root canal or is the only remedy complete tooth removal? The average person would be less than confident if the dentist were to recommend root canal or extraction with such incomplete information. The same is true in transmission diagnosis. Any meaningful diagnosis can only be rendered after a complete inspection is performed.

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