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Your car's transmission is the vehicle's most complicated and least understood major component. In later model cars, it is a combination of very sophisticated hydraulics and computer-controlled components.

Later model front wheel drive cars also incorporate the third major component. The differential or final drive, into the body of the transmission itself. These types of transmissions are known as transaxles.

Front wheel drive configuration is efficient in terms of fuel economy, handling and manufacturing costs, however, with the additional components housed within the transaxle unit, when it fails, it is generally more expensive to repair.

A transmission/transaxle properly rebuilt/remanufactured can deliver longevity equal to or in excess of your car's original. In many cases, transmission models are updated in their component design(s) by the manufacturer to improve performance over earlier units and/or overcome particular problem areas. A good transmission specialist should incorporate these updated designs and parts into their rebuild despite any incurred additional expense, in order to make certain that his customer receives the longest transmission life possible and to reduce any warranty liability from premature failure.

For vehicles used in our severe driving conditions, there are additional precautions which can be taken to insure against premature failure and make a vehicle better able to deliver the desired performance.

Some severe driving conditions include our very warm summer climate, heavy city(stop and go) driving and towing trailers. Under these conditions it is essential to install an additional transmission cooler. Also and annual transmission service can give you an idea of it's general condition.

Why an additional cooler?
Today's emission controls can add 11 C more heat.
Today's power steering can add 6 C more heat.
Today's air conditioning can add 10 C more heat.
Automatic Transmissions can add 10 C more heat.

As shown above an extra 37 C extra heat is created from just normal driving conditions, when you add extra weight such as boat towing, trailer towing, caravans, etc. temperatures of 130 C are not uncommon. That is asking for expensive trouble. Yet with a modest investment in an additional cooler, you can extend the life of not only your transmission but also your engine bearing and other vital components.

If you subject your vehicle to these types of conditions, please feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to make the appropriate recommendations, and install a cooler to meet your needs from our extensive stock. There is of course NO obligation on your part.


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